Hair Extension Method

Taylor Rose Hair Extension Lounge uses the most salon professional method of attaching hair extensions, known as Micro Ring Extensions.  Micro Rings consist of tiny copper rings which are secured to your hair and the hair extension together - without the use of any glue whatsoever!  

The Micro Ring Extension method is the safest and most advanced hair extension method on the market. Micro Ring Extensions lead the field as their comfort, longevity, ease of application and removal stand apart from older methods, including glue (known as 'fusion') and weaving techniques.

Micro Ring Extensions are comfortable to wear and style and their maintenance is simple and hassle-free. They hold the added advantage of offering the opportunity for reapplication, which  means you can enjoy your hair extensions for longer. Micro Ring Extensions are unique in this way, as glue and weaving methods do not allow the hair to be reapplied.

When you are ready to remove the extensions permanently, you will be surprised at the ease of the process: your extension technician will simply open the rings and remove each extension from your hair. Therefore glue, no wax, no weaving, and no tape are used in applying your beautiful extensions.


The Application Process

On the day of your application, we ask that you wash your hair but ensure that you do not apply any conditioner to the root area, as this may cause the bonds to slip. We also ask that if you colour your hair, please ensure that you have done so before your consultation - as we aim to get the best and most precise colour match possible. The application process can take approximately two to four hours, depending on the length of your own hair, and the extensions you select. In the meantime, you can sit back, relax and let your friendly extension technician begin creating your incredible new look!


Here at Taylor Rose Hair Lounge, we pride ourselves on our professional and thorough approach to the maintenance and aftercare process. Our philosophy is that the application process is only the first stage of your new look. We thoroughly recommend regular maintenance visits (every 4-6 weeks) to ensure your hair extensions remain in optimum condition.  We offer a complete aftercare service which includes reapplication, removal, and a comprehensive guide to taking care of your hair extensions.

The reapplication process is as simple and easy as the original application process, and is relatively inexpensive which means you can enjoy your beautiful hair extensions for longer. As you wear and style your extensions, they will gradually slip a millimetre or two down the length of your own hair. It is important that the extensions are retuned to their original position as this causes the least amount of strain on your natural hair and ensures the Microrings are not visible. When you return for your reapplication, your extension technician will simply open the rings and gently refasten them nearer to the root of your hair. Your extension technician will also assess the condition of your hair extensions and advise you on any further aftercare and styling advice at this stage.

When you are ready to remove your extensions permanently, we are able to complete the process in approximately one hour. It is recommended that you do not remove the hair extensions yourself as we use specialist equipment to open and remove the Microrings comfortably and safely. This process is also inexpensive and is an opportunity to receive further advice on styling and hair growth from your expert extension technician.  Many of our clients also opt to have new hair extensions applied after the removal process, as they are so happy with their new look and the comfort and style of Microring Extensions. Everyone is different; however you choose to wear, style and keep your hair extensions, we will advise and take care of you every step of the way!